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About Creative Traveler

I always enjoyed being creative. From art classes in school, to projects for 4-H, and just playing around in my early 20's, painting has always been something I enjoyed. Prior to having children, I dabbled with plastic canvas and knitting, but never stopped creating. As with new mothers, I let my life be consumed by my children. I was a stay-at-home mom of two little kids and a cat in a tiny house. After they started school, time became more abundant, but depression and anxiety kept me from pursuing work outside the home.


In the summer of 2015, we purchased a new house with more space. I felt it was time for me to start contributing financially. I wanted something flexible so I could be involved in my kids' activities. Something that was no real pressure... I hated the idea of trying to get my friends to buy more things they didn't need just because I was selling jewelry, makeup, or kitchen supplies. In November, I was  invited to a painting party - one of those paint & sip type events. It was so much fun! It stirred up that desire to be creative. I went to another party in December and I knew that was it! I was going to become an Independent Gallery Guide with Gallery On The Go!

Gallery On The Go is a mobile painting party business that was started in 2010 by some stay-at-home moms in Colorado who were looking for something fun and affordable to do with their friends. Over the first 7-1/2 years they grew from three guides in the Denver area to nearly 160 guides across 28 states!


In June of 2018, Gallery On The Go went through some changes and I officially became an affiliate. This summer I have  found more artistic passions that I am excited to share with others!  I have been hand drawing Mandalas, painting on rocks, playing with Alcohol Inks and making wood signs! My dream is to have my own store front where I can hold 1-on-1 lessons and space for people to have parties.


I want to continue the mobile events as long as there is interest as I enjoy visiting new places. I want to remain an affordable option and bring art to my community by offering fun events and specials for all ages. I hope to inspire and encourage others with the benefit of having art in our life as a stress/anxiety relief.


I believe God created us in His likeness. This means we were created with His characteristics. One of these characteristics is our ability to be creative. I think everybody has a creative bone in their bodies... not all are artists in the traditional sense. Even Engineers need to be creative!

With a little patience and basic knowledge of colors/shapes, I believe anybody can create a picture they are satisfied with in the end. Sometimes a glass of wine will help! ;-)

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