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Get to Know Creative Traveler FM

March 8th, 2023 I was asked to be on "The Mike Is Yours with Travis" on 95.9FM. Indira with Love Your Local FM was back to introduce the community to more small local businesses that we need to know about.  I was interviewed first, followed by the owner of Kota Botanics. What a fun experience! Jump over to the podcast recording on Google or Apple and hear our stories.  


About Creative Traveler

I always enjoyed being creative. From art classes in school, to projects for 4-H, and just playing around in my early 20's, painting has always been something I enjoyed. Prior to having children, I dabbled with plastic canvas and knitting, but never stopped creating. As with new mothers, I let my life be consumed by my children. I was a stay-at-home mom of two little kids and a cat in a tiny house. After they started school, time became more abundant, but depression and anxiety kept me from pursuing work outside the home.


In the summer of 2015, we purchased a new house with more space. I felt it was time for me to start contributing financially. I wanted something flexible so I could be involved in my kids' activities. Something that was no real pressure... I hated the idea of trying to get my friends to buy more things they didn't need just because I was selling jewelry, makeup, or kitchen supplies. In November, I was  invited to a painting party - one of those paint & sip type events. It was so much fun! It stirred up that desire to be creative. I went to another party in December and I knew that was it! I was going to become an Independent Gallery Guide with Gallery On The Go!

Gallery On The Go is a mobile painting party business that was started in 2010 by some stay-at-home moms in Colorado who were looking for something fun and affordable to do with their friends. Over the first 7-1/2 years they grew from three guides in the Denver area to nearly 160 guides across 28 states!


In June of 2018, Gallery On The Go went through some changes and I officially became an affiliate. This summer I have  found more artistic passions that I am excited to share with others!  I have been hand drawing Mandalas, painting on rocks, playing with Alcohol Inks and making wood signs! My dream is to have my own store front where I can hold 1-on-1 lessons and space for people to have parties.


I want to continue the mobile events as long as there is interest as I enjoy visiting new places. I want to remain an affordable option and bring art to my community by offering fun events and specials for all ages. I hope to inspire and encourage others with the benefit of having art in our life as a stress/anxiety relief.


I believe God created us in His likeness. This means we were created with His characteristics. One of these characteristics is our ability to be creative. I think everybody has a creative bone in their bodies... not all are artists in the traditional sense. Even Engineers need to be creative!

With a little patience and basic knowledge of colors/shapes, I believe anybody can create a picture they are satisfied with in the end. Sometimes a glass of wine will help! ;-)

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